At a time when constant growth of contemporary cities has led to a mass phenomenon, exceeding the limits of urban pollution, rural context has been reduced to a nostalgic reality existent only in the minds of those who wonder.

In response, different citizen groups have decided to import urban gardens as an alternative to the megalopolis whirlwind. The questions that rises up is if it is the urban garden a real solution or is it merely anecdotic and only conditioned by volatile trends. From our proposal, we pretend to understand if the urban garden as a typology is in itself an oneiric utopia or if we can contemplate the definite solution to the urban conflict.

It is when we get to build and develop our own urban gardens and discuss about new urban dynamics, we will get the real chance to build new temporary architecture, to think of ecology and energetic efficiency and even enjoy the knowledge of a so little consuming technology of hydroponic planting. Let’s bring the urban garden to IFAC to discover what we are capable of.

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